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Dr.Subhakanta Dash, Ph.D,
HOD, Chemistry


About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry, established in the year 1999, has been imparting teaching and training in emerging fields of Chemistry and Chemical sciences. Currently with three well qualified faculty members, the department is actively pursuing teaching as well as research in several frontier areas of chemical sciences. The main focus of the department is to foster world-class and outstanding teaching and research activities and to train various levels of chemistry aspirants. The faculty members and the supporting staff strive to work on generating skillful human resources, and the laboratory training associated with chemical knowledge of modern-day research areas both in the experimental and theoretical fields. Such training programs could help students to secure potential jobs both in the industry and academic sectors. The Department of Chemistry also organizes conference and workshops in the field of Chemical Sciences.


The Chemistry Department prepares students for a diverse and changing world. We strive to contribute to a chemically literate society through teaching (with classrooms, labs, and research).


The Chemistry Department provides rigorous preparation of citizens whose career paths require expertise in chemistry. We are dedicated to rigorous standards for content knowledge, communication skills, research quality, and professional behaviour. We are committed to demonstrating science as a human endeavour and as a way to understand the natural world. The department has highly experienced and qualified faculty to offer chemistry courses in the under graduate Engineering programme and also the department is also pursuing environmental courses in undergraduate programme. The Chemistry Lab is well equipped with advanced instruments and modern facilities for experiment & research purposes. The chemistry laboratory is well equipped to ensure the basic concepts in fundamental sciences.

A List of Experiments:-

→ Determination of Hardness of water.
→ Determination of total hardness of water by EDTA method.
→ Determination of Ca in Lime stone sample.
→ Standardization of KMnO4 using sodium oxalate
→ Determination of Fe+2 in Mohr ,s salt by potassium permanganate
→ Determination of Dissolved Oxygen in Water Sample
→ Determination of percentage of available chlorine in bleaching Powder sample
→ Determination of NaOH and Na2 CO3 in the given alkali mixture
→ Determination of Viscosity of a lubricant oil by Red-wood viscometer
→ Determination of Flashpoint of Oil by PENSKY-MARTENS Flashpoint apparatus.
→ Preparation of Polymer/drug.

Research Work

The area of research works on the following is being carried out by the different faculties.
→ Monitoring, Sampling & analysis of environmental samples/parameters.
→ Fly ash disposal Techniques in Solid and Slurry form
→ Fly ash Pelletization techniques by Cold bonding, Autoclaving, and Sintering
→ Manufacturing of building materials like Bricks, Tile, and Pavement Block
→ Fabrication of Concrete structure like Porous Concrete, Conventional concrete, Foam concrete
→ Utilization of industrial wastes viz. fly ash, red mud, gypsum, paper sludge, ferrochrome slag, iron ore tailing.
→ Nanomaterial in Concrete
→ Synthesis of Zeolite by various methods

Instrument Facilities

The Chemistry Lab is well equipped with advanced instruments and modern facilities for experiment & research purposes. → Electric oven
→ Muffle furnace
→ Flash point apparatus
→ Red-wood viscometer
→ Digital pH meter
→ Melting point apparatus
→ Spectrophotometer
→ Orsat apparatus
→ Dhona balance
→ Hot-plate
→ Water-bath
→ Distillation apparatus
→ Physical balance & chemical balance
→ New digital pH meter
→ Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
→ Digital Balance

Department Library

The Department has a good stock of textbooks and reference books for use by the students.


→National Seminar on Treatment and Utilization Of Industrial/Mining waste for Sustainable Environment (TUIMW-2020), 24th February-2020.

→National Seminar on Recent Trends of Nano Materials for futuristic application ( NSRTNMFA-2018), 31st January 2018. " National Seminar on Nanotechnology and its applications, 17th-18th July ,2009